• Visit the Board's Licensee Search to determine when your certificate, license, or registration expires
  • After April 30, renewal applications must include a $100 late fee
  • Renewal requires that you meet your CPE requirements
  • Carry back of CPE completed after December 31 is not automatic; you must submit and the Board must approve your request for an extension, prior to December 31.
  • Do not submit any CPE documentation with your renewal

CPAs, CPA-Inactive certificateholders, and resident nonlicensee firm owners must renew by April 30 every three-years. 

To renew:

CPA-Inactive certificates, individual CPA licenses, or resident nonlicense firm owner registrations not renewed or retired by June 30 will lapse and are subject to reinstatement.

Online Services

***The CPAOnline application may be unavailable between 11:00pm and 12 midnight due to maintenance.

Individual Online services allow for:

(click for instructions )

  • Application for a new CPA License
  • Renewing your license, certificate, or your non-licensee firm owner registration
  • Printing a copy of your license or validation card
  • Reinstating or reactivating your status
  • Viewing your pending online requests
  • Updating your personal information
  • Changing your name and requesting a new wall document
  • Paying with online check or bank card, or having your fees paid for by your employer

Information individuals will need to start:

  • Unique Web ID issued to you by the Washington State Board of Accountancy 
  • License, certificate or registration number (Licensee Search)
  • Washington State Board approved ethics course completion information (provider name, course title and completion date)
  • E-mail address
  • The service code = WBOA
  • Banking information (online check or bank card) or your employer’s Unique Identifier
  • For detailed instructions, please click here step-by-step instructions
  • Click here (PDF 1,575 kb) to view detailed instructions with images


If you do not renew or retire by June 30, your certificate, license, or registration will:

  • Lapse and be posted to the Board's web site
  • Require reinstatement

You may not use the title CPA or CPA-Inactive or exercise the privileges related to those titles.


To retire, notify the Board:

  • By using the Board's Online Services, you may select to have your license retire immediately or at the end of your renewal cycle.
  • Need a paper form to retire? You can use the Retire Immediately form. Submission of this form will retire your license the day the application is received.

If you retire, you are:

  • Prohibited from using the title CPA or CPA-Inactive or exercising the privileges related to those titles
  • You may use the designation CPA Retired if you qualify under the definitions in WAC 4-30-058
  • Not entitled to a refund of any portion of the renewal fee you paid
  • Allowed to reactivate out of retirement at a later date; please use our Online Services

Reactivate Your Retired Status

To reactivate your retired CPA-Inactive certificate or license you must:

  1. Complete the required Continuing Professional Education (CPE)
  2. Submit a complete application through our Online Services

Upon approval of this application, your status will be posted to the Licensee Search.

  • Once your CPA-Inactive Certificate is reactivated out of the retired status:
    • You are required by Washington state law and Board rule (WAC 4-30-082) to use the title "CPA-Inactive."
    • You must print or display the word "Inactive" immediately following the CPA title whenever the CPA title is printed on a business card, letterhead, or other document including documents published or transmitted through electronic media, in exactly the same font and font size as the CPA title.
    • You may not use the title "CPA-Inactive" if you are offering accounting, tax preparation or advisory, management advisory, consulting, or similar services to the public.
  • Once your CPA license is reactivated out of retired status:
    • You may use the CPA title for professional and occupational purposes or for practicing public accounting in Washington State.
    • If you perform attest services (compilations, reviews, audit, or other attestation services) or use "CPA" in your firm name, you must comply with the firm license requirements of WAC 4-30-110.

After you reactivate your retired status, your next CPE reporting period begins on January 1 of the calendar year in which the application is approved by the Board and ends on December 31 of the 2nd calendar year.

  • CPE credit hours utilized to qualify for this renewal may not be utilized for your next CPE reporting period. Please refer to Board rule WAC 4-30-122(3).

Unable to use online services?

You may request a paper copy of our forms by contacting us directly.