How many and what types of complaints does the Board investigate?

We investigate about 90 to 150 complaints a year. Some common complaints that we investigate are:

Board staff does not investigate the performance of non-CPA accountants or bookkeepers.

How do I file a complaint?

Complete the complaint form and send it to our office via email, fax (360-664-9190), or mail. Please state the exact nature of your complaint, e.g. unable to get your records, failure to complete an engagement, et cetera.  We require the completed complaint form before we are able to follow up on your complaint.

How long does an investigation take?

It depends on the difficulty of the complaint, the level of help and cooperation that is received from both sides, and our workload.  For information on our practices and processes, please see the Board’s Investigation Process page, Board rule WAC 4-30-140, WAC 4-30-142, and Board Policy 2004-1. 

We cannot provide an estimate on how long an investigation may take, or when the matter will be resolved.  We will timely work every complaint, to the best we are able, and procedures permit.

How often is a status update of the investigation given?

We will notify you whether or not an investigation is opened.  Details of an open investigation are not provided during the investigation.  Once the complaint is resolved, whether it has been dismissed or closed through Board action, we will notify you with the results.

We may request additional information during the investigation process.  We ask for your timely cooperation during this time.

Can my name be confidential?

No. We are required to comply with the Public Records Act (RCW 42.56).

Investigation Statistics

Current and Preceding Three Years