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Public Records

The Board of Accountancy follows the Public Records Act regarding disclosure of its public records.

All records available for public disclosure are:

  • Issued through the Board’s office at 711 Capitol Way South, Suite 400, Olympia, WA  98501
  • Indexed through the agency’s approved retention schedule
  • Available between 8 and 5, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays
  • Processed by the Public Records Officer

Records exempt from disclosure are:

  • Included in the Public Records Act or in other laws that prevent disclosure of certain documents
  • Some examples include:
    • Investigative records, the nondisclosure of which is necessary for effective law enforcement
    • Records pending court or administrative action, for which charges have not been filed
    • Preliminary drafts, notes, recommendations and intra-agency memorandums in which opinions are expressed or policies formulated or recommended not publicly cited by the Board in connection with any Board action
    • Internal memorandum containing attorney/client privileged communications or attorney work product
    • Records or sections of records that invade a person's right to privacy
    • Specific Board personnel records
    • Proceedings, records, and workpapers of a review committee or a peer review

Requests to view or copy the Board’s public records:

  • May be made in writing by mail, e-mail, or fax
  • Must be made through the agency's Public Records Officer

List requests obtained through public disclosure that identify credentialed individuals:

Educational organizations and professional associations must apply for and receive recognition by the Board before the Board may provide a list of individuals.  The requesting organization must provide sufficient information to satisfy the approving authority that the requested list is primarily:

  • NOT used for any commercial purpose
  • NOT used to contact credentialed persons as part of a profit seeking business activity

You must submit a List Request Form and all fees must be paid in advance before requests will be honored.

Delays completing your request may occur when:

  • Your request is too broad or too vague and the agency must request clarification
  • Other agencies or persons affected by the request must be contacted (RCW 42.56.540 allows the Board to notify persons named in the record prior to disclosure of the record)

Avoid delays by:

  • Calling for assistance at (360) 753-2586
  • Including your contact information
  • Specifying, in detail, the record you are seeking

Requesting Public Records

Do one of the following to request copies of public records:

WA State Board of Accountancy
Attn: Public Records Officer
PO Box 9131
Olympia, WA 98507-9131

Your request must include:

  • The date;
  • What you are requesting. Please specify, in detail, the record(s) you are seeking; and
  • Your name, address, and telephone number.