SecureAccess Washington (SAW)

The CPAOnline application may be unavailable between 11:00 pm and midnight Pacific Time, due to maintenance.

SAW Tips:

  1. If you currently hold a valid credential with the Board, you most likely have an existing account through SecureAccess Washington. Please do not create an account. Please contact the Board for your login information.
  2. If you have forgotten your password and your email address has changed,
    • Select “Forgot Password.”
    • Select “yes” when you are asked if your email address has changed.
    • Follow the remaining steps.
      • You will be sent a temporary password by email.
      • It will update your SecureAccess Washington account.
    • You will need to update your information with the WBOA Online Services.
  3. If you find that SAW is not allowing you to log out of one User ID, and log in with a different User ID, we suggest closing all internet browsers you have open. Most internet browsers temporarily save information that you have recently entered, like a User ID or Password, which can make it difficult to switch between accounts if you have not closed the browser completely.

I don’t know if I have an account; should I just make a new one anyway?

When to create a new account:

You only need to create an account the first time you are using the online system, for each credential. If you are unable to remember your User ID or are having trouble accessing your previously created account, please see the list of Top 5 Problem Solvers for Online Services below.

If you are a firm owner and a credentialed individual, you are required to create two separate SAW accounts as SAW only allows you to connect one credential to each account.

I checked and I don’t have an account. How do I set one up?


Top 5 Problem Solvers for Online Services:

  1. You don’t remember your User ID from 3 years ago.
  2. You registered for a SAW account but need to activate your account.
  3. You do not have access to the password for your account.
  4.  Your account is locked.
    • You must wait 15 minutes, and then attempt to log on again.
  5.  Other common questions can be answered on the SAW FAQs page.

Additional support is available through SAW's support contact page: