Experience Definitions - Consulting Services

Consulting services includes professional or expert advice to clients covering major consulting practice areas including but not limited to:

Marketing & Sales Engineering
Human Resources Manufacturing
Government Safety
Finance Environment
Health Care Energy
Scientific Telecommunications

A CPA candidate's experience in consulting services for these, and other practice areas, may includeparticipation in preparing and/or advising on:

  • Selection of new hardware and software systems. This may include activities such as performing a "needs analysis," preparation of a request for proposals, and overseeing, assistance with, or performance of demonstrations;
  • Implementation of new hardware and software systems. This may include:
    • Full on-site team to perform all implementation services;
    • Project administration of another consulting team;
    • Development of necessary manual and computer control systems;
    • Providing necessary computer programmers;
    • Software design and programming;
    • Ongoing support functions;
  • Development of IT management and/or strategic plans;
  • Development of IT disaster recovery and security plan;
  • System security audits;
  • Application controls consulting;
  • Business continuity planning and information security services;
  • Electronic commerce services;
  • Evaluation and selection of telephone systems;
  • Consulting on information technology issues;
  • Designing and developing employee compensation programs including:
    • Stock option programs;
    • Retirement plans;
    • Executive compensation arrangements;
    • Deferred compensation and bonus arrangement;
  • Evaluation of marketing and distribution channels;
  • Development of marketing and distribution channel plans and consulting on the implementation of such plans;
  • Corporate and commercial legal services to national and international companies worldwide;
  • Assistance to law departments and general counsel to enhance and measure performance;
  • Litigation support which would include:
    • Case management;
    • Expert accounting and financial reporting witnesses;
    • Damages experts and witnesses;
    • Environmental litigation experts;
    • Securities litigation experts;
    • Antitrust services;
    • Construction disputes;
    • Service of detailed data to provide cost-effective, proactive strategies and solutions to complex business disputes;
  • Outsourcing of such client functions as information systems. This may include outsourcing management or the entire data processing and information systems group:
    • Internal audit function;
    • Tax department;
    • Office of the Chief Financial Officer;
    • Accounting department;
    • Human resource department;
    • Risk management function;
  • Government Contract Consulting - helps companies understand and address business risks associated with negotiating, contracting with, and performing under contracts for the sale of goods or services with U.S. federal, state, local and foreign governments;
  • Advise government entities that are privatizing on commercialization, restructuring, competition, changing organization attitudes, customer satisfaction and policy adjustment; provides other grant-aided work in emerging markets;
  • Real Estate - provides advice about increasing the profitability of real estate assets through the acquisition, development, management and disposition of single assets or portfolios of properties. Services also include strategic planning, consolidation studies, surplus property planning, valuations, and outsourcing consulting;
  • Services for middle-sized companies - includes cash management, payroll needs, business relocation services, and shareholder meetings;
  • Insolvency/executor services - acting as receivers, liquidators, bankruptcy trustees, or advisors to debtor or creditor groups; and
  • Specific services for health insurers and other health care organizations.

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